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Western Dove only uses the most durable and strong, yet soft, and supple leather for every creation. I will always guarantee the quality and integrity of my products.

The lacing comes in both a leather or a synthetic material and can break under excessive stress or rubbing. It should not under any circumstance just fall apart! If you experience anything like this, please contact me and submit a photo for evaluation.

The stones are secured with both wire and glue. There is always a chance the stone itself could crumble and this is rare but a possibility.  The attachment process has been tested and should last for many years when cared for properly. Excessive friction or lack of care can compromise the design.

When you purchase Western Dove,  I want you to love it and use it! But I also want you to care for it like a cherished family heirloom. Each piece is designed from the heart and through my hands,  so there is no duplicate to replace a damaged item.

I stand behind my product and would always handle any issue with the greatest integrity. Please remember once it’s on a horse and in the hands of the new owner, I can not control how it’s cared for. It’s up to you to treat it well.


Western Dove Artisan Horse Tack and Leather Goods should be treated with love.  It’s wearable art with the intent of being functional. While it’s built on quality leather with the strongest of stitching and hardware, the artistic components require a more thoughtful approach. The stones are selected and curated to create the most amazing art for horses available. They can endure normal wear and tear but please be aware excessive rubbing or friction can cause damage.

If you want to keep it looking new and pretty, I suggest saving it for the big shows, performances, pictures, and special occasions.  Always remove it from your saddle, store in a clean dry place, and If you have a set with fringe I also advise you hang it the same direction it would lay on a horse.

If you want to clean your Western Dove of any excessive dirt, dust, or sweat, I advice gently using soap and water on a make up brush.  Once the filth has been removed, you can follow up with a light oil similar to leather oil or a common household product like cooking oil. Again apply this lightly with a soft make up brush.

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Care Instructions

Care instructions

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