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We are full and wrapped up for Christmas! If you would like to be on the list and be next, just contact us through the contact form below.  

1. Leather in Black or Brown

2. Single Ear Headstall or Browband Headstall

3. Hardware in Silver or Copper

4. Lacing Style and Color Preference (Whipstitching and Buckstitiching are included)

Cross Stitching - $25 extra

5. Up to 3 Colors (Example - turquoise, brown and white or red, white and blue or purple, pink and green)

6. Fringe or Tassels - $50 extra

Tack Sets start at - $750 (Goes up in $50 increments for extras)

Belts start at - $350

Breast Collars start at - $450

Headstall start at - $300

A 50% deposit is required upon receiving the order. If you are unable to pay, your order will be removed and the next in line will be taken. 

*There is a $40 consultation fee on all orders that require more than the initial set up time. 

no orders will be accepted without all of the above - so please include all above information and send through the contact form only


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