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About Western Dove

Katie Weaver Ruby Buckle
Katie Western Dove
Katie Western Dove

Western Dove is more than a brand - it’s where my imagination can still run wild. My name is Katie Dove Weaver and I am a cowgirl artist.

I grew up on the central coast of California and now reside in North Texas. I am a barrel racer, a wife, a mom, a grandma, a creator, and a friend.

Horses are my first love. They were the subject of every story I wrote and every picture I drew. I have always had them, always rode, competed on, and just had the most unconditional love for them.  What makes a great horse is how it makes you feel, not in what it can accomplish.

Art is personal. Both in how it’s expressed and how it is received. It will trigger an emotional response and a lingering impression.  It can be enjoyed through music, lyrics, poems and stories. Art can also be appealing to the eyes and the heart through color, composition and subject. I seek art in all its forms and have found a real spiritual connection in creating it.

For me, a horse crazy artistic girl, to develop a brand that combines both my loves is the ultimate accomplishment. My motivation is not the monetary return; it’s hard to attach a price tag to a lifetime of dreaming. It’s my expression and interpretation of the Western culture.
To be received by my fellow horseman(women) and to have people with no connection to horses at all enjoy my art fills me up with gratitude.

Trends come and go. Our personal experiences are what shape us. Always live authentically, unapologetically in joy.

Don’t let them tame you….

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